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Subscriber Instructions

These are instructions for accessing your account, creating/maintaining your website listing, and other helpful account information.
Logging in using "Owner Login"
  1. Use Link above to access the login page
  2. Enter Login (name)
  3. Enter password
  4. Check the “Agree to terms and conditions” box
  5. Check the “I'm not a Robot” box and follow instructions until a green check mark appears
  6. Click the Login button.
Forgot Password (and login name)

If you have forgotten your login name and/or password, and your account is still active, you may request it sent to you by email.  Just click the "Request a new Password" link at the bottom the Owner Login page and enter the email address you use on the website in the form.  An email will be sent to you with your login name and a 4-digit system generated password (It may go to your junk folder). Once you login to your account you may reset your password (optional) on the Owner Information page (see info below).

Entering Descriptive Text
  1. Once logged in your listing(s) can be accessed from the "listing preview" found just below the Subscriber Message area.
  2. Click the photo or blue text of the listing you wish to edit to get into the Edit Listing page.
  3. Fill in blank fields (Security Deposit, Square footage, etc.)
  4. Input Short and Long Descriptions. We have placed some sample text into both fields. Delete or change as you wish. You may copy and paste from another file.
  5. NOTE: Click any "Save Property Info" often, perhaps after each sentence, otherwise the system thinks you have disconnected and it will drop you, and your work will be lost.
Search Settings

There are three checklists on the Editing Listings page, which are the searchable settings for your listing (titled: Available Dates, Homes Features and Special Features.)
Check everything that applies to your property to help renters find your property based on their search criteria. If you don't check these items, the search feature will not find your property.

Keywords: Renters can search for specific terms used in a listing description (know as keywords). Consider including the model of your home (Lantana, Colony, etc.) and neighborhood name so that a renter searching for a specific floorplan or location will find it with a keyword search.

Owner Information (password, phone, email, etc.)

Your personal contact information, including your home address, phone number, email, and password are stored in the "Owner Information" section of your account. You may change any information (password, email addresses and phone numbers) except your login in name. Click the Submit Owner Information button to save your information. Note the following:

  1. The First name(s) and the Phone Numbers you enter will appear on your property listing.
  2. Your Last name and e-mail address will not show on the listing for security reasons. (Please do not list them in another field.)
  3. You will receive e-mail from renters who use the "Send a Message To The Owner " feature on your listing.  The initial email is from "" - the renter's email will appear in the SUBJECT line of the incoming email.
  4. Phone numbers are optional. Posting your phone number will invite non-renter solicitations. You might wish to prescreen renters by email before giving out your phone number.
  5. Password - Change your password in both fields - dots will show
Logging Out

Use the red LOGOUT button at the top right of the tool bar towards the top of the screen. Be sure to save any changes and allow the page to fully refesh before you log out.


As time goes by we know you will want to add or change some information about your property. Whenever you make changes to your listing information you will need to "refresh" your browser program by using one of the "Refresh/Reload buttons" or use the F5 key (above the numbers row) or else you may be looking at older information and it will seem as though your updates are not getting through. Updates take effect the instant you press the "Save Property Information" button, so you are not waiting for us to do anything.

Submitting Photos

Two (2) photo edit sessions per listing (“batch” edits and uploads) are included in your annual subscription and may be used at any time during the annual subscription period. We typically process photos before 10:00 AM and after 7:00 PM.  A "batch" or “edit session” is any number of photos submitted at the time, up to the max number allowed (based on your home type). You may purchase additional edit sessions at $25 each per occurrence, independent of the number of photos involved. 

You may purchase addtional photos for your listing at the rates of 3 for $25 for the forst 3 and 3 for $15 up to the max of 20 photos total.  

You must own the photos you submit to us.  We will not accept copyrighted photographs. We edit and resize your photos for optimal web viewing and watermark the edited photos with our copyright notice. If you can, keep the file sizes to 1meg (or less).

We will resize, edit to improve photos as much as practical, and post your photos within 24 hours of receipt. We add a copyright notice to protect our labor investment. Once photos are posted we will confirm by email.

Accepted Formats:
.zip (zipped files containing photos)


Submit Photos:
  1. Send photos to: photos (at)
  2. Attachments or embedded photos ONLY - no file sharing links
  3. Use the following subject line format for EVERY e-mail containing photos:

     X of XX photos, Login Name, Property#

    X = Number of photos attached to (this) email
    XX = Total number of photos you are sending (may be multiple emails)
    Property # = the LISTING number, not the address of the rental

    Improperly sent photos and unidentified accounts will delay photo processing.

    Please do not re-submit photos we’ve previously edited. (We don’t need the extra work - thank you!)
    If you are keeping some of your original photos then go to your listing (do not log in) and click Photo Gallery Window below the photo slide show and you can see the numbered order of your current photos. Tell us by number which to keep (or delete).

    If you would like them in a specific order, please tell us in an email using the original photo numbers and the names of any new photos. If you do not specify, we will use our discretion.

    For example... 01, “cart.jpg”, “Living room.jpg”, 05, 03, 09, 04 …10)
    Unless the error is ours, re-sequencing photos after posting will result in using another upload session, which may incur a fee.

    Tips and Reminders:
    • Hold the camera in horizontal (landscape) orientation for all photos except the bathrooms, which may be better vertical (portrait).
    • Take interior photos during the day with lights on and window blinds open ¼ of the way to provide balanced light.
    • Take photos with bright windows to your back or to the side if possible.
    • You may submit wide-angle photos.

    Images we can’t use:
    • “Combined” photos (no nested, stacked or side-by-side images).
    • Those with borders and imbedded text – we will do our best to remove them.
    • Photos including pets or people. We will do our best to edit them out or blur their faces.
    • Copyrighted photos.
    • Illustrations or floor plans as they are likely to have copyrights
    Tracking Visitors

    There is a "hit counter" for your listing that can be accessed from inside your account on the Edit Listing page. It appears at the very bottom of the page as "Visitors". It is a cummulative total from the start of the original listing. It does not reset normally, so just record the value and the date for your notes if you wish to track the hits over time.

    Advertising using Private URL (

    Your subscription includes a private website for your listing. To market a vacant property you would be wise to advertise on message boards and other classified outlets, pointing renters to your Photos to get the maximum benefit from having a private web site. Your ads will work best for you if you include these two lines:

    Photos, Rates, Dates & Info at:

    (where XXX is provided in your "Welcome" email - it is different from your property number on

    It is MOST important to use separate lines and that the appears on a single line, no spaces or hyphens etc.

    Ask the classified ad taker to use the largest font that will fit into the column width for these lines. When you have a renter, please EDIT your web info to change the Available Dates.

    Mapping Function

    Your listing page includes a link to MapQuest (via a "new window") so renters can find the location of your street (it will not point to your exact address for security reasons). Newly built and in-development areas may not be in the MapQuest database at the time of subscription, but will link as soon as MapQuest has the data.

    Website Rules

    See Terms of Use for all rules pertaining the the use of this website. Subscribers are required to remain in compliance with website rules at all times. We reserve the right to change or add to the rules at any time and those changes will be binding to all subscribers. It is your responsibility to regularly review the rules to be sure you are in compliance.

    Listing Display Order

    Listing order is prioritized based on the most recent update to each listing. Subscribers are encouraged to keep information current and may update up to 6 times (max) per 24-hour period.

    It is not necessary to make a change to "bump" your listing to the top, but you must log in and click the “bump” button on the editing page to record an “update”.


    Invoices for renewal will be sent by E-Mail to subscribers who are in good standing. The E-Mail will be sent on (or about) the 15th of the month preceding the expiration of your listing. It will list the expiration date within. Payments may be made by Credit Card or Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) or by Pay Pal. Instructions are provided in the email. As the expiration date approaches a reminder notice will be sent if payment has not been received within a week of the due-date.  We are not responsible for emails that are redirected to Junk or Spam folders as we have no way to know they are not in your inbox (check Junk and Spam folders regularly).

    Your payment must be received on or before the expiration date of your account to preserve your grandfathered rate (there is no penalty for early renewal - the expiration date is advanced one year).

    We remove listings at the Close-Of-Business on the expiration day. Owners with multiple rentals who wish to renew must renewal all rentals regardless of occupancy, intention to sell, or other factors. (We will clarify on a per-case basis.)

    Returning listings are subject to current rates in effect plus a relisting fee.


    We provide our subscribers with helpful tips and links covering a wide range to topics. Log into your account to access it using the "Subscriber Resources" link to the left above the Subscriber Message area.

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