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Terms and Conditions

Notice to Renters and Website Subscribers (Advertisers). and websites are owned and managed by VThe Villages 4 Rent, LLC. (TV4R), a company that is not affiliated with community developers. These websites are Internet Classified Advertising portals that do not engage in the management of any rental property. The Villages 4 Rent, LLC. is NOT providing a brokerage service on this website, it supplies a means for individual property owners to advertise their rental property. No other use of this website is permitted.

The manager / owners of The Villages 4 Rent, LLC. do not warrant, nor assume responsibility for, the information within the pages of this website.

The location of a subscriber property is established at the start of the subscription. Subscriptions may not be moved to another property. Address corrections are acceptable.

As the users of this website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions as follows:


Use of this website is authorized for prospective tenants (renters) and subscribing property owners ONLY. Any other use of this website, for any purpose will constitute a violation of our Terms and Conditions and will be dealt with to the fullest extent possible.


Renters are responsible for investigating and evaluating the properties offered. By use of the website renters agree to apply due diligence and further to hold harmless The Villages 4 Rent, LLC.
Renters are urged to check the property ownership. Clickable links to the county appraisers are as follows: Lake County, Marion County, Sumter County.


Subscribers are required to directly manage the lease, security deposits and rent collection.  Use of US mail is acceptable. Subscribers may NOT use a Property Manager or Real Estate Agent/Broker, nor may a subscriber act as either for another subscriber. This includes online services that retain a percentage of the rental fee as a commission for booking the rental through an online payment system. Violation will result in immediate cancellation of the subscription WITHOUT REFUND.
Subscribers must comply with website rules at all times. TV4R reserves the right to change or add to the rules at any time. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to regularly review the rules to ensure compliance.  

The subscriber identified on each rental unit information page is responsible for the text and photographic material provided therein.

Subscribers are responsible for investigating and adhering to all local regulations including, but not limited to, any required permits; local or state licenses; taxes on accommodations; and adherence to safety regulations.
Subscribers are responsible for investigating and evaluating the suitability of the tenant. By using the website you agree to apply due diligence and further to hold harmless The Villages 4 Rent, LLC. Subscribers are urged to seek and checkout references.


Our policies are reviewed regularly and are adjusted as necessary to provide a web space which promotes fairness to all subscribers.

TV4R monitors all electronic correspondence initiated through the "e-mail" features of the website and make efforts to prevent the misuse of the feature by Spammers. Material deemed to be offensive or unsubstantiated will be removed.

TV4R reserves the right to inspect any property while it is being shown on the website and to limit access to the websites in order to maintain website standards. In the event that agreement between the subscriber and TV4R cannot be reached, TV4R will refund the subscription fee on a prorated basis and will remove access privileges of the subscriber.


TV4R rules are in place to maintain the quality standards of the website and promote fairness among subscribers.  Rules are always enforced. Failure to comply with the rules may result in temporary or permanent removal from the website at the discretion of TV4R.


VH4R will edit and post two batches of photographs per subscription year per property listing in accordance with established standards of the website. TV4R retains ownership of the EDITED photos as indicated by the Copyright notice imprinted on each photo. Edited photos may not be distributed without the written consent of TV4R. Subscriber retains ownership of the original unedited photos submitted to TV4R.

  1. Subscriber must own the photographs and graphics submitted to TV4R to avoid any copyright infringement.
  2. Photographs must be a valid current representation of the rental property described on the information page of the property listing.
  3. Identifiable people are not permitted in photographs.
  4. Photographs of community common areas such as a community pool may be shown if the photograph is the property of the subscriber and contains no identifiable people.

Subscriber-inserted links to external websites or that initiate an e-mail are prohibited.


Subscribers are permitted to reference, on the website, available dates in the current calendar year and in the calendar year immediately following. Mention of any dates on the website beyond those described is prohibited. The allowable date range is updated on January 1st of the new year. (Our system views the date 12-31 the same way the IRS views postmarked 4-16.)
Current year (2020) Example:
Acceptable: Mention of any dates in 2020 and 2021
Prohibited: Mention of any dates beyond 2021. Even these are not allowed: "Not available in 2022", "Plan now for 2022", etc.


 Limited to 6 updates in any 24-hour period.

A) Text Formatting
  1. Limited to 5 FULLY CAPITALIZED words in the “short description”. If you use the Shift Key or Caps Lock to reach a symbol, then it is a Capitalized character and counts for FULLY CAPITALIZED words, example: ******* and !!!.  All variations such as A/A/ or /=/= or ------  to "loop hole" our system are also counted as Fully Capitalized words.
  2. TYPE FACE; You may only use characters which can be instantiated using the standard PC keyboard and the Shift key. Non-Standard Characters such Bullets( • ), Syymbols (☆ ) and Emojis (Smile) are not permitted. 
B) Prohibited Language/Use
  1. FREE - Use of the term "free" is prohibited. Use "included” or "no charge" instead.
  2. FOR SALE, RENT TO OWN etc, or other unauthorized use of this website in not acceptable and will result in termination of the subscription without refund
  3. PEOPLES' NAMES, PHONE NUMBERS, E-MAIL addresses, WEB addresses and NUMERICAL STREET ADDRESS are prohibited in Short and Long Description fields. The first name(s) and phone numbers entered in the "Owner Information" section will AUTOMATICALLY appear in the property listing. The E-Mail address entered on the Owner Information form will remain hidden for your security. The "Send a Message to The Owner" button will send an interested party's information to the hidden E-Mail address. Misuse of the Short and Long boxes will cause your subscription to be terminated without a refund.
  4. BUSINESS NAMES, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and web addresses of local services cannot be used with the exception of common retail locations used as landmarks for navigating the area, or referencing local attractions or events. Instead, use a general description of the service provided (e.g.: "golf cart road-side assistance" or "home watch services").
  5. UNSUBSTANTIATED CLAIMS Subscribers are prohibited from making unsubstantiated claims that unfairly position one property above another. Prohibited claims include "The Best" or "The Largest".

Subscribers owning multiple rental* properties in the community must subscribe each rental property on TV4R regardless of current occupancy. Substantial discounts are applied in concession for the requirement to list all rentals on the account at all times while under subscriber's ownership. Accounts that do not comply are terminated without refund. Ownership is a matter of public record; We reserve the right to verify property ownership of active subscribers.

* A rental is defined as any property that is not your residence.  This includes those occupied by family members, listed for sale, vacant for renovation, etc.


Referencing non-subscribed properties or steering renters to non-subscribed rental properties, verbally or written, is strictly prohibited. Violation is cause for immediate termination without refund.


Recently updated listings will appear toward the top of the list. Subscribers are encouraged to keep information current. 6 updates are allowed per 24-hour period.

CANCELLATION POLICY and websites are hosted on a commercial web server at a major web hosting company. Although service of the hosting company is reliable, The Villages 4 Rent, LLC. does not assure uninterrupted service. The Villages 4 Rent, LLC. may terminate the subscription and remove any property(ies) from the website without cause. The Villages 4 Rent, LLC. will provide a prompt refund of subscription fee, prorated for service previously provided in the event of The Villages 4 Rent, LLC terminates the subscription for reasons other than rules violations that forfeit refunds.

Subscribers who cancel subscription service for Internet Classified on and will forfeit the balance of their subscription. Rental properties which are sold during the term of the subscription for Internet Classified service on and will be deemed to have terminated the subscription for Internet Classified Advertising and will forfeit rights to a refund. Rental properties that have been sold during the term of the subscription will be cancelled without notice upon discovery.

By using or continuing to use the services of this site, you agree to these terms and conditions.

All Web Pages, Pictures, Forms and Text are Copyright 2005 through 2019 The Villages 4 Rent, LLC © All rights reserved.

VillagersHomes4Rent® is a registered trademark of The Villages 4 Rent, LLC.